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stlswingers (7374 Images).7z -

Erika Swingz - Was searching for my name on the internet and came across this. Someone apparently screen_693 (@stlswingers) (26.09.2022).mp4 - 59.48 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm so sorry for no sound I don't know why it didn't record_08 (@stlswingers) (18.12.2018).mp4 - 118.25 MB
Erika Swingz - You like heels You like doggystyle You'll love me taking this suction dildo while sta_17 (@stlswingers) (12.04.2021).mp4 - 174.86 MB
Erika Swingz - Oh wait, I did. ) Tip $ for a download link emailed directly to you so you can keep it._75 (@stlswingers) (23.05.2020).mp4 - 631.93 MB
Erika Swingz - I wanted to do something a little bit different and discuss with you guys what FREEDOM I'v_779 (@stlswingers) (07.07.2021).mp4 - 121.07 MB
Erika Swingz - BE SURE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS, THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST Ok guys, it's Saturday and t_44 (@stlswingers) (26.11.2022).mp4 - 155.08 MB
Erika Swingz - It's totally my turn to get fucked with this big cock. I think this one is a bit too long_273 (@stlswingers) (25.02.2022).mp4 - 542.56 MB
Erika Swingz - BJ and Cowgirl part of What's gonna come next ) )_387 (@stlswingers) (12.03.2019).mp4 - 185.99 MB
Erika Swingz - This harness is called LuvRyder. Someone sent me this to try out and it's awesome He was_01 (@stlswingers) (04.07.2021).mp4 - 180.43 MB
Erika Swingz - Magic wands are a girl's best friend. )_956 (@stlswingers) (16.04.2020).mp4 - 142.4 MB
Erika Swingz - Is better than_831 (@stlswingers) (20.02.2023).mp4 - 355.27 MB
Erika Swingz - Any foot fetish folks out there I've gotten this request A LOT over the last few months_345 (@stlswingers) (07.09.2021).mp4 - 172.42 MB
Erika Swingz - I finally let this man get inside me ;)_34 (@stlswingers) (26.01.2021).mp4 - 225.29 MB
Erika Swingz - Reverse doggy and a blowjob. )_666 (@stlswingers) (07.03.2020).mp4 - 363.1 MB
Erika Swingz - When I got home from shopping, I was so horny. I had to fuck myself HARD with this new dil_390 (@stlswingers) (27.06.2022).mp4 - 716.68 MB
Erika Swingz - Got a nice foot massage #spoiled lol_16 (@stlswingers) (07.02.2022).mp4 - 170.36 MB
Erika Swingz - THROWBACK This was my first ever blowjob on Chat Ur Bate back in the day I think we made_33 (@stlswingers) (09.09.2022).mp4 - 296.55 MB
Erika Swingz - Let's start off this th of July with a BANG You guys have heard me talk about the HUGE u_226 (@stlswingers) (04.07.2022).mp4 - 217.31 MB
Erika Swingz - I was masturbating on the island while a vanilla friend of hubby's was staying downstairs_58 (@stlswingers) (05.11.2021).mp4 - 233.94 MB
Erika Swingz - I know this is OnlyFans, but are you guys open to occasional NON SEXUAL content Let me kn_406 (@stlswingers) (04.01.2023).mp4 - 2334.12 MB
Erika Swingz - You'll never guess who was the first one naked in strip cornhole lol @mrs s @kinkykat_557 (@stlswingers) (25.07.2022).mp4 - 639.81 MB
Erika Swingz - So this wasn't supposed to be a sexy party, but after we got done playing board games, I w_124 (@stlswingers) (28.04.2023).mp4 - 298.12 MB
Erika Swingz - This is the start of my way ORGY. Like I always say, girls are foreplay @kennedymarksen_71 (@stlswingers) (19.09.2022).mp4 - 328.27 MB
Erika Swingz - Got a huge inflatable dildo from a fan Yes, I know it's supposed to be for anal, but that_180 (@stlswingers) (01.09.2020).mp4 - 285.02 MB
stlswingers (7374 Images).7z -
Erika Swingz - Who likes cowgirl I do_796 (@stlswingers) (15.09.2020).mp4 - 260.88 MB
Erika Swingz - It's fixed A little toying, sucking, and fucking to brighten your day. )_583 (@stlswingers) (06.03.2020).mp4 - 183.83 MB
Erika Swingz - You all know better than anyone that I love to suck cock. Swallowed every drop_45 (@stlswingers) (24.05.2021).mp4 - 171.72 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm behind on messages, but I'll catch up this afternoon, so if I haven't responded, I wil_349 (@stlswingers) (16.02.2021).mp4 - 128.13 MB
Erika Swingz - If you send me your home movies I will watch them lol_10 (@stlswingers) (14.12.2022).mp4 - 964.12 MB
Erika Swingz - Come on ride that train.....ride it_25 (@stlswingers) (25.07.2020).mp4 - 66.77 MB
Erika Swingz - Can you all handle the full minute video of these guys fucking me, cumming in me, and u_660 (@stlswingers) (22.04.2022).mp4 - 202.52 MB
Erika Swingz - The couple that games together, stays together Though I must say he was being SUPER ANNOY_22 (@stlswingers) (28.12.2021).mp4 - 209.79 MB
Erika Swingz - Here's a copy of a private show I did on Chaturbate. Ends with a big sloppy load on my fac_068 (@stlswingers) (19.09.2019).mp4 - 193.5 MB
Erika Swingz - By popular request, posting the spanking video again for all to see )_668 (@stlswingers) (30.10.2020).mp4 - 173.83 MB
Erika Swingz - Hitting up another in home massage Things get a bit awkward, but wow_348 (@stlswingers) (31.03.2020).mp4 - 91.38 MB
Erika Swingz - _76 (@stlswingers) (08.08.2020).mp4 - 85.6 MB
Erika Swingz - Got a little sum while I was in Vegas and these destroyed my holes for about mins T_39 (@stlswingers) (04.11.2022).mp4 - 407.97 MB
Erika Swingz - Every year my husband likes to interview me and give some perspective on the lifestyle,_287 (@stlswingers) (12.10.2021).mp4 - 235.87 MB
Erika Swingz - Unfortunately shark week was here yesterday, but that doesn't mean I'm not still horny To_15 (@stlswingers) (08.07.2022).mp4 - 356.27 MB
Erika Swingz - Hubby's virgin gamer friend enters me for the first time. His cock was massive I never wo_914 (@stlswingers) (01.02.2019).mp4 - 52.81 MB
Erika Swingz - This was going to be a $ PPV released today like I release every Saturday, but bec_073 (@stlswingers) (15.10.2022).mp4 - 1849.04 MB
Erika Swingz - I gave twerking a shot. It isn't great, but I'm working on it_99 (@stlswingers) (07.09.2019).mp4 - 60.9 MB
Erika Swingz - I got horny so I started chatting with random strangers on Omegle. Gave them the video cal_455 (@stlswingers) (10.10.2022).mp4 - 447.7 MB
Erika Swingz - Daddy woke me up from my nap in such a fun way ) God damn his fingers are magic. I love w_929 (@stlswingers) (16.07.2021).mp4 - 298.51 MB
Erika Swingz - Totally candid and filmed this morning This is my morning routine of getting ready before_736 (@stlswingers) (23.12.2021).mp4 - 700.62 MB
Erika Swingz - This HOUR FUCK A THON was one of my first times we ever recorded ourselves. It was just_62 (@stlswingers) (02.12.2022).mp4 - 5349.23 MB
Erika Swingz - Wow, I got absolutely stretched out with this thing Can't wait to try it again_61 (@stlswingers) (28.04.2020).mp4 - 284.92 MB
Erika Swingz - Guy # entered and I kinda feel like he may have been a virgin, but I'm not exactly sure._56 (@stlswingers) (06.04.2022).mp4 - 221.22 MB
Erika Swingz - I got this WILD request on another site to ride the Sybian and try to blow up balloons thr_228 (@stlswingers) (31.10.2022).mp4 - 492.58 MB
Erika Swingz - Somehow that video was only seconds Not good lol Here's the rest of that_978 (@stlswingers) (20.02.2021).mp4 - 155.07 MB
Erika Swingz - Another screen recording of a show I did on Chaturbate. These have been REALLY turning me_194 (@stlswingers) (13.01.2021).mp4 - 946.59 MB
Erika Swingz - I was just trying to get through my essay, but SOMEONE wouldn't leave me alone LOL This i_17 (@stlswingers) (24.09.2021).mp4 - 179.98 MB
Erika Swingz - Some cuck wanted to watch us fuck so we obliged by humiliating him the entire time. What k_151 (@stlswingers) (26.10.2022).mp4 - 686.7 MB
Erika Swingz - A fan recorded this from a Chaturbate show. Yes, he's fucking my ass hard The recordin_079 (@stlswingers) (18.12.2018).mp4 - 652.39 MB
Erika Swingz - I was told I was gonna get a boob massage, but I ended up getting horny and had to touch m_332 (@stlswingers) (09.10.2021).mp4 - 167.44 MB
Erika Swingz - This man's finger game is WAY too good._125 (@stlswingers) (16.07.2020).mp4 - 70.4 MB
Erika Swingz - When he enters you for the first time in over a year ) ) This is shot from an angle not_507 (@stlswingers) (22.10.2020).mp4 - 90.75 MB
Erika Swingz - BE SURE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS, THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST Ok guys, it's Saturday and t_963 (@stlswingers) (26.11.2022).mp4 - 101.39 MB
Erika Swingz - Speaking of close ups of my pussy, I don't often masturbate with my hand, but for some rea_211 (@stlswingers) (08.03.2022).mp4 - 264.72 MB
Erika Swingz - Before we EVER get to the full on FFM with @lolaluv, we should revisit how it started in_606 (@stlswingers) (12.11.2022).mp4 - 151.72 MB
Erika Swingz - The other night, I told hubby I wanted to do blow n goes while I was sucking his dick. It_596 (@stlswingers) (26.12.2022).mp4 - 909.04 MB
Erika Swingz - Here's the video you all probably missed due to the old PPV model, but no more Watch us s_198 (@stlswingers) (20.11.2022).mp4 - 552.23 MB
Erika Swingz - ANNOUNCEMENT Short video for your attention. ONLYFANS has abandoned its creators, its u_572 (@stlswingers) (21.08.2021).mp4 - 95.29 MB
Erika Swingz - Throwback to my Chaturbate days ) I looked so innocent_91 (@stlswingers) (12.09.2022).mp4 - 503.63 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm really loving going through all the screen recordings of my Chaturbate days Maybe I s_570 (@stlswingers) (12.01.2021).mp4 - 137.91 MB
Erika Swingz - I was asked about my FIRST EVER sexual experience, the time I lost my virginity. Spoiler a_20 (@stlswingers) (29.07.2021).mp4 - 113.84 MB
Erika Swingz - I love this cock, but why take one when I could take two. Any volunteers_16 (@stlswingers) (29.08.2019).mp4 - 114.79 MB
Erika Swingz - Ride a Sybian, suck a cock, get your pussy played with by @lolaluv. All in a day's work_352 (@stlswingers) (26.04.2022).mp4 - 356.76 MB
Erika Swingz - Sometimes I can make myself orgasm just from playing with my nipples ) Are you that good_845 (@stlswingers) (05.10.2021).mp4 - 156.94 MB
Erika Swingz - My husband has been VERY into tickling lately and I HATE being tickled. So of course he sa_029 (@stlswingers) (03.12.2021).mp4 - 266.86 MB
Erika Swingz - I could milk cum out of cock all day. No reciprocation required. I just wanna drain you._035 (@stlswingers) (16.12.2022).mp4 - 124.12 MB
Erika Swingz - The final teaser video for my FIRST EVER MFM Tip $ to get an email link for the FULL_880 (@stlswingers) (03.12.2020).mp4 - 64.74 MB
Erika Swingz - I've never had an orgasm where I couldn't move or see before. This tied down orgasm was IN_737 (@stlswingers) (29.03.2023).mp4 - 418.18 MB
Erika Swingz - The next part I could barely take it at this point. He was destroying me_33 (@stlswingers) (04.03.2021).mp4 - 49.34 MB
Erika Swingz - My first taste of @crzredhead was soooooo sweet. Can you guys handle seeing her taste me_280 (@stlswingers) (22.07.2021).mp4 - 141.71 MB
Erika Swingz - From NSW at Lake of the Ozarks This time it's my turn to go down on @hotwifetessa. I_93 (@stlswingers) (08.08.2022).mp4 - 286.83 MB
Erika Swingz - I don't know if ya'll love or hate this stuff, but I'm having a blast going back and watch_75 (@stlswingers) (15.09.2022).mp4 - 609.28 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of What do you guys wanna see after this set finishes_37 (@stlswingers) (07.07.2020).mp4 - 354.74 MB
Erika Swingz - Cumming on the sybian Love this thing_684 (@stlswingers) (03.10.2019).mp4 - 710.73 MB
Erika Swingz - Here it is It used to be a $. PPV, but now it's just INCLUDED in your subscription pr_843 (@stlswingers) (25.02.2023).mp4 - 3013.99 MB
Erika Swingz - Got an unannounced visitor while I was wearing cheeky shorts yesterday afternoon. Hubby se_576 (@stlswingers) (18.08.2021).mp4 - 218.89 MB
Erika Swingz - BE SURE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS, THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST Ok guys, it's Saturday and t_28 (@stlswingers) (26.11.2022).mp4 - 49.33 MB
Erika Swingz - Oooohhh, squirted a little._70 (@stlswingers) (25.12.2019).mp4 - 382.23 MB
Erika Swingz - I love getting fucked while I suck some cock. )_611 (@stlswingers) (08.09.2020).mp4 - 292.52 MB
Erika Swingz - _34 (@stlswingers) (21.01.2021).mp4 - 106.25 MB
Erika Swingz - Got myself a sexy nuru massage by @sabine stl but at the end, she manhandled my head while_326 (@stlswingers) (06.07.2022).mp4 - 435.11 MB
Erika Swingz - One of my favorite shows from my Chaturbate days What do you guys think Like the stockin_48 (@stlswingers) (26.09.2019).mp4 - 2278.14 MB
Erika Swingz - _293 (@stlswingers) (20.11.2022).mp4 - 127.02 MB
Erika Swingz - Everyone that lives here is always spying on me_82 (@stlswingers) (14.10.2021).mp4 - 201.75 MB
Erika Swingz - I decided to get a little risque and use my magic wand on the couch in front of the open b_72 (@stlswingers) (05.04.2021).mp4 - 185.42 MB
Erika Swingz - BJ and Cowgirl Part of Sorry for no post yesterday. We had a big swinger event which_609 (@stlswingers) (11.03.2019).mp4 - 264.57 MB
Erika Swingz - Love getting a good dicking._25 (@stlswingers) (31.12.2019).mp4 - 271.66 MB
Erika Swingz - I've gotten better at blowjobs over the years. This one was like years ago But now I'm_740 (@stlswingers) (17.10.2022).mp4 - 454.84 MB
Erika Swingz - OMG, I found it This is the FIRST TIME I WAS EVER ON CAMERA I can't believe I still had_998 (@stlswingers) (14.11.2022).mp4 - 177.72 MB
Erika Swingz - You like heels You like me masturbating You'll love this Who's ready to see me suck som_224 (@stlswingers) (14.04.2021).mp4 - 159.38 MB
Erika Swingz - LOL I had to do a home workout today, but I don't have any weights, so I grabbed my poun_262 (@stlswingers) (30.04.2021).mp4 - 120.51 MB
Erika Swingz - I love a good riding session. ) I never can last too long though. Either I cum super fast_06 (@stlswingers) (21.10.2019).mp4 - 329.28 MB
Erika Swingz - Throwback One of my best fans, Ruben, bought me a Sybian several years ago and it's still_15 (@stlswingers) (22.07.2022).mp4 - 179.02 MB
Erika Swingz - Now this one is a THROWBACK. This was from one of our first ever shows we did on Chaturbat_76 (@stlswingers) (11.02.2023).mp4 - 1910.52 MB
Erika Swingz - New house doesn't have the adjustable shower head yet for masturbating. Gonna have to chan_138 (@stlswingers) (31.05.2021).mp4 - 147.49 MB
Erika Swingz - Here we go The full FFM threesome with @pinaypunani and my hubby Drew Swingz He shot a h_29 (@stlswingers) (27.01.2023).mp4 - 499.15 MB
Erika Swingz - And finally part of of this set It's been a wild ride (and so was he) What do you all_76 (@stlswingers) (09.07.2020).mp4 - 1062.84 MB
Erika Swingz - Playing outdoors can be so much fun Nothing around but you and nature ) Oh and if you mi_33 (@stlswingers) (17.12.2022).mp4 - 828.51 MB
Erika Swingz - _623 (@stlswingers) (20.03.2021).mp4 - 100.81 MB
Erika Swingz - It didn't take me long to cum with @pinaypunani eating my pussy. I have NEVER had it eaten_09 (@stlswingers) (21.01.2023).mp4 - 190.49 MB
Erika Swingz - I got treated to a little foot massage this morning before work. This is the perfect way t_909 (@stlswingers) (08.09.2021).mp4 - 154.94 MB
Erika Swingz - This video was just gonna be me and @tallgirlalli exchanging gifts, but Drew had other pla_425 (@stlswingers) (23.12.2022).mp4 - 790.91 MB
Erika Swingz - Stream started at pm_89 (@stlswingers) (23.01.2022).mp4 - 1503.72 MB
Erika Swingz - Fucking around with Brandisummers (Twitter) and her man after a big swinger party one ni_93 (@stlswingers) (21.05.2020).mp4 - 114.17 MB
Erika Swingz - Just giving it a little try as a warmup._07 (@stlswingers) (06.02.2021).mp4 - 127 MB
Erika Swingz - Just got back from Gulf Shores Catching up from the weekend. Here's the video you missed_260 (@stlswingers) (29.05.2022).mp4 - 419.34 MB
Erika Swingz - Have you been thinking of getting a video call with me Well, this is how a typical conver_424 (@stlswingers) (13.04.2022).mp4 - 499.62 MB
Erika Swingz - This one is soooo old. It's a throwback to my FIRST CAMSHOW EVER. I was teasing on chan o_631 (@stlswingers) (03.09.2019).mp4 - 747.54 MB
Erika Swingz - When you're up late and the mood strikes ) I'd make a great SEXRETARY at your office P_41 (@stlswingers) (17.08.2022).mp4 - 971.01 MB
Erika Swingz - Let's get creative )_102 (@stlswingers) (31.12.2020).mp4 - 57.18 MB
Erika Swingz - Slave Leia must have deleted this scene in Star Wars. George Lucas couldn't get approval t_91 (@stlswingers) (31.08.2019).mp4 - 84.89 MB
Erika Swingz - I felt so bad because we hadn't had sex in like days God this felt good_02 (@stlswingers) (19.04.2023).mp4 - 522.56 MB
Erika Swingz - I got surprised with a trivia game about my husband and his favorite hobby. If I lose, I g_42 (@stlswingers) (31.12.2021).mp4 - 630.54 MB
Erika Swingz - This time it was my turn to go down on @gingersavage and make her cum again and again I_21 (@stlswingers) (22.06.2022).mp4 - 249.01 MB
Erika Swingz - I had to put that penthouse shower to use_82 (@stlswingers) (24.10.2022).mp4 - 263.91 MB
Erika Swingz - Gonna keep it tame JUST FOR TODAY Lol. I was feeling a little horny and just had to get o_342 (@stlswingers) (04.06.2022).mp4 - 123.82 MB
Erika Swingz - I don't do a lot of ass play, but a guy I REALLY want to fuck asked me to put the biggest_74 (@stlswingers) (26.05.2020).mp4 - 155.07 MB
Erika Swingz - I really felt him in this position. Sooooo good. Oh and I'm having my tubes removed on Fri_78 (@stlswingers) (11.03.2021).mp4 - 343.33 MB
Erika Swingz - _14 (@stlswingers) (24.08.2021).mp4 - 539.8 MB
Erika Swingz - Rode a Motor Bunny in front of a small crowd at a swinger party What do you think Also,_359 (@stlswingers) (25.08.2020).mp4 - 326.73 MB
Erika Swingz - Here's the re release of my FULL video with the guy that won my fantasy football contest a_71 (@stlswingers) (03.03.2023).mp4 - 2001.68 MB
Erika Swingz - Did you finish watching that video already Well, how about revisiting this one where @lol_099 (@stlswingers) (12.11.2022).mp4 - 179.79 MB
Erika Swingz - What's your favorite outfit you saw Any you'd like to see me in for the future Always fe_063 (@stlswingers) (14.07.2021).mp4 - 231.2 MB
Erika Swingz - Finally, I get her mouth on my pussy. I was DRIPPING wet waiting for this moment. Consider_889 (@stlswingers) (23.07.2021).mp4 - 168.46 MB
Erika Swingz - _973 (@stlswingers) (24.09.2020).mp4 - 226.89 MB
Erika Swingz - There's nothing better than taking a hot load of cum all over my face. I took in one nig_65 (@stlswingers) (10.12.2022).mp4 - 200.43 MB
Erika Swingz - Gotta get my squats in so I can keep this ass in shape for you all Could you think of ano_051 (@stlswingers) (26.04.2021).mp4 - 99.51 MB
Erika Swingz - Do you guys like watching me masturbate The wand is one of my favorite toys Would you wa_473 (@stlswingers) (26.05.2021).mp4 - 178.88 MB
Erika Swingz - I got tired of kissing @lolaluv's top lips and decided to move to the bottom lips )_837 (@stlswingers) (12.11.2022).mp4 - 181.49 MB
Erika Swingz - I've been really craving a DP lately. Haven't had that in over years_340 (@stlswingers) (06.01.2023).mp4 - 129.47 MB
Erika Swingz - Stream started at am Naughty elf wrapping presents Help me get a candy c_298 (@stlswingers) (25.12.2022).mp4 - 2352.83 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok guys, I have something a little crazy, but I swear this is a true story and the video t_07 (@stlswingers) (07.10.2021).mp4 - 223.06 MB
Erika Swingz - Went into our guest bedroom to touch myself with my wand. Hope you enjoy watching me becau_063 (@stlswingers) (09.03.2022).mp4 - 213.66 MB
Erika Swingz - To cap off this week of throwbacks, how's this one The video quality is shit and the audi_986 (@stlswingers) (13.08.2021).mp4 - 179.23 MB
Erika Swingz - Nd try at the video_441 (@stlswingers) (03.12.2018).mp4 - 2048.67 MB
Erika Swingz - I enjoyed both strangers so much that I let each of them get a nd round. I sucked one, to_728 (@stlswingers) (11.06.2021).mp4 - 162.43 MB
Erika Swingz - A short vid of me just testing the waters with my Sybian._245 (@stlswingers) (30.09.2019).mp4 - 290.36 MB
Erika Swingz - Tried to do a little POV before getting to the fucking_29 (@stlswingers) (21.11.2019).mp4 - 909.44 MB
Erika Swingz - I just want CUM_46 (@stlswingers) (21.04.2023).mp4 - 215.49 MB
Erika Swingz - I hate being tickled, but I endured for you My husband loves my giggles when I'm being ti_575 (@stlswingers) (10.09.2021).mp4 - 131.42 MB
Erika Swingz - A sneak peak into everyday life around this house. I hope you guys enjoy little snippets i_061 (@stlswingers) (11.07.2022).mp4 - 264.32 MB
Erika Swingz - This toy was HUUUUUUGE. OMG it stretched the heck out of me_383 (@stlswingers) (16.05.2019).mp4 - 109.57 MB
Erika Swingz - After driving around town, Lola got sick lol, but me and hubby couldn't wait to get upstai_31 (@stlswingers) (20.05.2022).mp4 - 508.45 MB
Erika Swingz - After a long day at work, nothing beats a nice warm shower to relax )_37 (@stlswingers) (25.10.2021).mp4 - 159.22 MB
Erika Swingz - Did a little live show on Chaturbate. I totally wanna do more live shows I can't decide i_915 (@stlswingers) (11.11.2022).mp4 - 507.78 MB
Erika Swingz - _85 (@stlswingers) (16.01.2021).mp4 - 652.38 MB
Erika Swingz - I love riding cock. Had a nice leg shaker with this one. )_47 (@stlswingers) (24.09.2019).mp4 - 62.32 MB
Erika Swingz - Sucking dick is seriously one of my favorite pastimes Can I suck your cock next_807 (@stlswingers) (26.12.2019).mp4 - 517.59 MB
Erika Swingz - I love putting my legs on his shoulders and letting him fuck me as hard as he can Who's n_04 (@stlswingers) (07.10.2021).mp4 - 162.35 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of of the fantasy football winner Remember, there is a separate min video of_080 (@stlswingers) (02.07.2020).mp4 - 391.39 MB
Erika Swingz - Surprised hubby when he came upstairs to relax. Took him in my mouth all the way to finish_97 (@stlswingers) (15.02.2022).mp4 - 388.41 MB
Erika Swingz - So, you wanna watch me put in this butt plug_425 (@stlswingers) (27.01.2022).mp4 - 166.11 MB
Erika Swingz - Stream started at am Wrapping presents took a turn for the sexy and we en_809 (@stlswingers) (25.12.2021).mp4 - 2040.04 MB
Erika Swingz - I’m not sure why this was all slow motion when I uploaded the other day, but it should b_76 (@stlswingers) (25.06.2021).mp4 - 291.72 MB
Erika Swingz - A repost for today, but since I've gained a TON of new subscribers, I figured I'd show you_59 (@stlswingers) (03.12.2019).mp4 - 710.73 MB
Erika Swingz - Sometimes I get bored writing college essays and just have to put in a little me time )_84 (@stlswingers) (22.09.2021).mp4 - 204.45 MB
Erika Swingz - @gingersavage went down on me and did NOT disappoint Wow, her tongue and fingers are ma_760 (@stlswingers) (18.06.2022).mp4 - 272.47 MB
Erika Swingz - This was a highly requested video on another platform. Just clenching my butt over and ove_14 (@stlswingers) (30.01.2023).mp4 - 223.77 MB
Erika Swingz - One of hubby's former coworkers texts me regularly and suggests hot vids. He wanted me to_861 (@stlswingers) (14.05.2022).mp4 - 661.49 MB
Erika Swingz - My husband and my new Reddit friend help me finish off my bunny costume by inserting the b_72 (@stlswingers) (06.06.2022).mp4 - 135.17 MB
Erika Swingz - Who doesn't love a good strip tease To make it even hotter, I messaged a single guy I met_131 (@stlswingers) (01.11.2021).mp4 - 307.57 MB
Erika Swingz - I swear he does this on purpose just to test me. I WILL fuck his friends and coworkers He_497 (@stlswingers) (18.08.2021).mp4 - 218.89 MB
Erika Swingz - Stayed a nice hotel last weekend and decided to get a little naughty in the jacuzzi tub. W_57 (@stlswingers) (21.04.2021).mp4 - 138.58 MB
Erika Swingz - _586 (@stlswingers) (13.12.2020).mp4 - 91.96 MB
Erika Swingz - My magic wand beats any dildo any day_66 (@stlswingers) (29.08.2020).mp4 - 142.46 MB
Erika Swingz - HEY IT FINALLY UPLOADED I need to get a real dick this thick soon )_55 (@stlswingers) (07.12.2021).mp4 - 259.16 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of of my first MFM_543 (@stlswingers) (14.01.2019).mp4 - 51.97 MB
Erika Swingz - When you come over, this is how you're greeted. I almost always start with a little outfit_78 (@stlswingers) (08.06.2022).mp4 - 421.7 MB
Erika Swingz - Sharing is caring_54 (@stlswingers) (05.01.2021).mp4 - 74.56 MB
Erika Swingz - _570 (@stlswingers) (11.02.2021).mp4 - 118.07 MB
Erika Swingz - BJ and Cowgirl Part of )_427 (@stlswingers) (09.03.2019).mp4 - 342.31 MB
Erika Swingz - I know this is a LONG one, but I felt like baking cookies naked lol. Hubby said we should_83 (@stlswingers) (15.07.2022).mp4 - 1170.11 MB
Erika Swingz - God DAMN this man can fuck_433 (@stlswingers) (29.06.2021).mp4 - 270.49 MB
Erika Swingz - So this video might be pretty niche, but I know many of you like to watch a woman shaving_775 (@stlswingers) (27.10.2021).mp4 - 131.81 MB
Erika Swingz - I SQUIRTED all over this Tremor (like a Sybian) at a swinger party in front of over peo_241 (@stlswingers) (19.11.2018).mp4 - 120.64 MB
Erika Swingz - Met a guy at a party who was obsessed with my ass. He asked to see it in a text, but I did_473 (@stlswingers) (07.10.2022).mp4 - 111.03 MB
Erika Swingz - Strip Uno will have you thinking this video was hilarious or an utter disappointment, but_699 (@stlswingers) (29.12.2021).mp4 - 443.55 MB
Erika Swingz - Virgin boy shoves his big cock in my ass and cums in me._11 (@stlswingers) (02.02.2019).mp4 - 162.06 MB
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Erika Swingz - I couldn't wait to get these two cocks in my mouth )_27 (@stlswingers) (17.11.2021).mp4 - 208.85 MB
Erika Swingz - MFM it is for you guys. I just couldn't hold out. I NEEDED it_188 (@stlswingers) (21.07.2020).mp4 - 355.2 MB
Erika Swingz - For those that watched the big cock fucking me on the fuck machine, this came immediately_146 (@stlswingers) (01.06.2022).mp4 - 92.1 MB
Erika Swingz - Can you maintain eye contact while you fuck me It might make you cum fast._04 (@stlswingers) (11.05.2022).mp4 - 353.08 MB
Erika Swingz - Look at my hubby work over @billynmila's pussy Sheesh I had to get cocks while he did_65 (@stlswingers) (23.09.2022).mp4 - 54.17 MB
Erika Swingz - Doing live shows is SO MUCH FUN. I'll DEFINITELY be doing my Christmas Eve gift wrapping s_26 (@stlswingers) (18.11.2022).mp4 - 1850.43 MB
Erika Swingz - Sometimes, just having a drink and a chat is fun enough. We discuss our party plans for th_23 (@stlswingers) (16.03.2022).mp4 - 140.76 MB
Erika Swingz - I got this custom request on another site and I thought it was kinda fun. If you enjoy my_234 (@stlswingers) (17.04.2023).mp4 - 234.46 MB
Erika Swingz - Saturdays used to be for PPV posts and messages. This one SURELY would have been a PPV pro_039 (@stlswingers) (28.01.2023).mp4 - 1403.01 MB
Erika Swingz - Here we go It was @lolaluv's first time ever flashing strangers like this. They all lov_237 (@stlswingers) (16.05.2022).mp4 - 463.71 MB
Erika Swingz - A little double blowjob from a show on Chaturbate Hopefully I'm making up for the lack of_451 (@stlswingers) (18.12.2018).mp4 - 76.63 MB
Erika Swingz - A little stripping in the kitchen, some cum in my mouth, and some fingering to finish me o_528 (@stlswingers) (12.10.2019).mp4 - 904.56 MB
Erika Swingz - This is from a NYE party last year. My husband and I ran The Sybian Room and assisted al_979 (@stlswingers) (19.09.2020).mp4 - 49.06 MB
Erika Swingz - @LolaLuv said she liked to be spanked, but I'm not sure she knew what she was getting he_04 (@stlswingers) (08.01.2022).mp4 - 179.8 MB
Erika Swingz - So Drew and I run a private Discord server and I got super horny during a St. Louis Cardin_863 (@stlswingers) (24.04.2023).mp4 - 593.82 MB
Erika Swingz - Yeah, the audio is a little jacked, but this video is HOT. I love getting pounded for an a_46 (@stlswingers) (30.11.2022).mp4 - 503.03 MB
Erika Swingz - This blowjob has a ton of banter between the of us. I hope you guys enjoy it_969 (@stlswingers) (10.11.2021).mp4 - 323.1 MB
Erika Swingz - I need those spankings to leave a mark @pinaypunani_627 (@stlswingers) (20.01.2023).mp4 - 425.02 MB
Erika Swingz - Hubby can get me to squirt every time with his fingers so I've been trying to teach myself_15 (@stlswingers) (10.04.2021).mp4 - 157.25 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok ok ok, last one this week of me riding this fat cock, but this time I got an assist fro_77 (@stlswingers) (10.12.2021).mp4 - 227.54 MB
Erika Swingz - Me and @tallgirlalli sucked off a couple of cocks and took loads on our faces_422 (@stlswingers) (27.04.2023).mp4 - 551.29 MB
Erika Swingz - @pinaypunani put a blindfold on me and said she had a surprise_71 (@stlswingers) (24.01.2023).mp4 - 211.44 MB
Erika Swingz - Me and @seemorebnoir play dirty card games and have fun. Are you guys looking forward to t_00 (@stlswingers) (30.03.2022).mp4 - 734.19 MB
Erika Swingz - We were headed out to a swinger party right after this, but I couldn't wait. I just needed_79 (@stlswingers) (15.03.2022).mp4 - 249.98 MB
Erika Swingz - I need to fuck WAY more often......wanna watch_64 (@stlswingers) (02.11.2022).mp4 - 638.64 MB
Erika Swingz - Did you all think I didn't get it on video Of course I had to get it all on video to shar_918 (@stlswingers) (01.07.2022).mp4 - 87.3 MB
Erika Swingz - NEXT_02 (@stlswingers) (07.01.2021).mp4 - 52.28 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok ok you've waited long enough. @seemorebnoir 's legs gave out part way through so I didn_107 (@stlswingers) (23.02.2022).mp4 - 542.56 MB
Erika Swingz - Fingers are one of my favorite ways to cum with my Hitachi on my clit_147 (@stlswingers) (24.11.2018).mp4 - 50.31 MB
Erika Swingz - The second blow n go of the night Thanks Reddit_91 (@stlswingers) (07.12.2022).mp4 - 137.29 MB
Erika Swingz - This sailor likes to blow )_509 (@stlswingers) (09.11.2021).mp4 - 326.39 MB
Erika Swingz - Volume UP This one was kinda quiet for some reason, but I NEED you to hear me moaning on_603 (@stlswingers) (11.08.2020).mp4 - 110.78 MB
Erika Swingz - An IMMEDIATE favorite video chat. Got to know each other and then a little play at the end_27 (@stlswingers) (09.05.2022).mp4 - 591.18 MB
Erika Swingz - Sometimes you don't even have time to take off your panties_18 (@stlswingers) (14.04.2020).mp4 - 182.11 MB
Erika Swingz - Dressed like a slutty cowgirl and then taking a MASSIVE BBC fuck machine The thickest I'v_09 (@stlswingers) (30.12.2022).mp4 - 678.21 MB
Erika Swingz - I have something amazing coming up for you guys now that PPV is GONE. This is just a clip_04 (@stlswingers) (22.02.2023).mp4 - 100.62 MB
Erika Swingz - Anyone else do a bunch of stretching before sex Just me LOL_926 (@stlswingers) (14.09.2021).mp4 - 153.64 MB
Erika Swingz - The biggest dildo I've ever taken. My god, my legs were shaking._15 (@stlswingers) (05.01.2020).mp4 - 300.9 MB
Erika Swingz - Decided to make a short video after I was nice and stretched out to get my biggest toy eve_905 (@stlswingers) (01.04.2022).mp4 - 71.18 MB
Erika Swingz - When you buy panties from me, you can tip a little extra to have me cum in those panties._741 (@stlswingers) (18.03.2022).mp4 - 214.13 MB
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Erika Swingz - I had a request for a close up masturbation video with some sexy fishnets and heels. I hop_892 (@stlswingers) (03.10.2022).mp4 - 324 MB
Erika Swingz - Year old man taking me to town_42 (@stlswingers) (18.02.2021).mp4 - 101.42 MB
Erika Swingz - Getting acquainted with @pinaypunani We've known each other a long time, but never played_310 (@stlswingers) (18.01.2023).mp4 - 204.08 MB
Erika Swingz - Me and @lolaluv making out in the car and flashing )_10 (@stlswingers) (18.05.2022).mp4 - 871.61 MB
Erika Swingz - I can't believe I'm not making this PPV. I probably should, but I missed a couple days of_903 (@stlswingers) (09.05.2022).mp4 - 431.82 MB
Erika Swingz - All alone and no one to play with. Who would FUCK me the best_38 (@stlswingers) (18.07.2020).mp4 - 263.34 MB
Erika Swingz - Got a lot of new outfits in the mail this week Here's the first of many. I'm kinda partia_522 (@stlswingers) (16.09.2021).mp4 - 159.32 MB
Erika Swingz - Got spanked with the SLUT paddle_55 (@stlswingers) (03.09.2020).mp4 - 173.81 MB
Erika Swingz - If your lady doesn't have a magic wand, do her and you a favor and get her one. They're on_99 (@stlswingers) (21.06.2021).mp4 - 163.1 MB
Erika Swingz - And for today’s REAL post, enjoy me getting my kitty absolutely destroyed_51 (@stlswingers) (25.06.2021).mp4 - 195.78 MB
Erika Swingz - I walked straight back to our room after fucking the other guy and told hubby to take me i_365 (@stlswingers) (30.10.2022).mp4 - 240.04 MB
Erika Swingz - This was me on Omegle playing a strip game. They had to guess how many items of clothing I_484 (@stlswingers) (21.03.2022).mp4 - 114.5 MB
Erika Swingz - I masturbated in these so that they'd be nice and creamy for the guy that bought them )_023 (@stlswingers) (20.06.2022).mp4 - 113.93 MB
Erika Swingz - Sometimes a good old fashioned bath is the way to go when washing up. Let me get this puss_697 (@stlswingers) (02.06.2021).mp4 - 191.99 MB
Erika Swingz - @pinaypunani and hubby help me to a HUGE orgasm on my wand and a fat dildo_57 (@stlswingers) (25.01.2023).mp4 - 369.4 MB
Erika Swingz - This toy will be in the mail tomorrow to a very lucky person )_460 (@stlswingers) (08.02.2023).mp4 - 172.67 MB
Erika Swingz - A super awesome fan bought me this dildo. It gets fatter at the end and even has cum that_995 (@stlswingers) (29.06.2022).mp4 - 364.23 MB
Erika Swingz - You guys liked these stockings the last time so I thought I'd wear them for you again and_470 (@stlswingers) (17.09.2021).mp4 - 249.7 MB
Erika Swingz - I mentioned that when I was getting that tape outfit put on that I got super wet. Well, th_71 (@stlswingers) (26.08.2022).mp4 - 456.73 MB
Erika Swingz - THROWBACK The blowjob vid from when I came inside from tanning. )_84 (@stlswingers) (26.02.2019).mp4 - 266.23 MB
Erika Swingz - A plug in my ass, a wand on my clit, and a HUGE cock stuffing my pussy. I came soooo hard_029 (@stlswingers) (28.01.2022).mp4 - 238.82 MB
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Erika Swingz - This time it's my turn to ride the sybian while @gingersavage helps me along )_09 (@stlswingers) (15.06.2022).mp4 - 357.83 MB
Erika Swingz - @lolaluv sucking my tits and getting me nice and primed to be fucked_29 (@stlswingers) (27.04.2022).mp4 - 226.56 MB
Erika Swingz - Lots of new content being shot now that I have my new camera While we wait for uploads an_331 (@stlswingers) (19.11.2019).mp4 - 83.54 MB
Erika Swingz - More footage of Drew recording before joining in Tomorrow you guys will know what is so s_312 (@stlswingers) (24.02.2023).mp4 - 146.82 MB
Erika Swingz - I was tasked with making someone cum for me on Omegle. Mission accomplished )_93 (@stlswingers) (25.03.2022).mp4 - 385.69 MB
Erika Swingz - _572 (@stlswingers) (28.01.2021).mp4 - 93.6 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok, maybe that was too short a tease. Here's a longer tease But maybe I'll release the fu_163 (@stlswingers) (12.11.2022).mp4 - 86.46 MB
Erika Swingz - I love when a guy gets close to cumming and then tells me where to go. I spend have the bl_245 (@stlswingers) (24.11.2022).mp4 - 299.22 MB
Erika Swingz - I was NOT expecting a second stranger to be sitting there after I was cleaning up from the_884 (@stlswingers) (09.06.2021).mp4 - 534.52 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok so this one is a throwback to before me and my hubby ever got involved in swinging and_092 (@stlswingers) (14.06.2021).mp4 - 221.47 MB
Erika Swingz - This was the FIRST video of mine from back in my Chaturbate days that ever leaked and got_307 (@stlswingers) (11.08.2021).mp4 - 503.66 MB
Erika Swingz - One finger and I cum ridiculously hard_529 (@stlswingers) (24.03.2020).mp4 - 121.54 MB
Erika Swingz - Even though we just had a TON of sums, sums, sums, and sums at National Swingers Weeke_385 (@stlswingers) (01.08.2022).mp4 - 287.7 MB
Erika Swingz - Filmed last summer, I went out on my deck at my old house and got my tan on The tag Well_02 (@stlswingers) (19.10.2022).mp4 - 397.91 MB
Erika Swingz - Finishing up with of_27 (@stlswingers) (11.12.2018).mp4 - 230.85 MB
Erika Swingz - _107 (@stlswingers) (10.09.2020).mp4 - 114.16 MB
Erika Swingz - BE SURE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS, THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST Ok guys, it's Saturday and t_84 (@stlswingers) (26.11.2022).mp4 - 128.12 MB
Erika Swingz - You all remember me promising to bring more of the MFM and swinger stuff since REMOVING PP_52 (@stlswingers) (17.02.2023).mp4 - 185.68 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of of the blowjob from a couple days ago_56 (@stlswingers) (19.10.2019).mp4 - 488.5 MB
Erika Swingz - No matter how many toys I get, this magic wand just can't be beat_594 (@stlswingers) (09.07.2021).mp4 - 186.11 MB
Erika Swingz - _073 (@stlswingers) (20.11.2022).mp4 - 221.71 MB
Erika Swingz - The audio is scuffed a little, but it's still hot, so I wanted to share )_17 (@stlswingers) (13.02.2023).mp4 - 88.56 MB
Erika Swingz - Hanging out of the sunroof with my tits out_445 (@stlswingers) (05.11.2019).mp4 - 81.95 MB
Erika Swingz - I love when Daddy fucks me )_99 (@stlswingers) (09.10.2020).mp4 - 247.92 MB
Erika Swingz - This FORMER PPV video was INSANE I wanted a sum so bad and this guy had been messaging m_688 (@stlswingers) (03.12.2022).mp4 - 2383.7 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm so sad I only got part of this on film Right after this guy blew his cum inside me, h_985 (@stlswingers) (15.03.2023).mp4 - 138.56 MB
Erika Swingz - A fan asked me to give a nice blowjob while describing one of my exes cocks_79 (@stlswingers) (03.08.2022).mp4 - 493.75 MB
Erika Swingz - Naked, painting my toes, and talking to hubby. Do you guys like these casual conversations_86 (@stlswingers) (29.11.2021).mp4 - 237.03 MB
Erika Swingz - Got that cum deep in me. )_373 (@stlswingers) (16.05.2020).mp4 - 140.77 MB
Erika Swingz - Did you like the last video better or this POV version I wanna know how you like it_17 (@stlswingers) (07.03.2023).mp4 - 692.51 MB
Erika Swingz - You all wanted to see a double blowjob This is the precursor to the min DOUBLE PENETRA_67 (@stlswingers) (17.11.2020).mp4 - 306.18 MB
Erika Swingz - It was HOT so I took some ice cubes to cool off my friend @SirenSong. It's so fun to fin_293 (@stlswingers) (02.05.2022).mp4 - 194 MB
Erika Swingz - _951 (@stlswingers) (06.08.2020).mp4 - 69.18 MB
Erika Swingz - While hubby was in the shower, I headed over to another room in the hotel with a guy I met_405 (@stlswingers) (28.10.2022).mp4 - 285.67 MB
Erika Swingz - Hubby was ready for bed, but I wasn't. I had to drain his cock first. I LOVE to suck cock_83 (@stlswingers) (29.10.2021).mp4 - 396.64 MB
Erika Swingz - Did you all think I didn't get it on video Of course I had to get it all on video to shar_546 (@stlswingers) (01.07.2022).mp4 - 133.66 MB
Erika Swingz - Magic hands This is seriously my favorite way to cum_632 (@stlswingers) (22.09.2020).mp4 - 70.4 MB
Erika Swingz - Flashing in the car_923 (@stlswingers) (02.11.2019).mp4 - 151.83 MB
Erika Swingz - THROWBACK to my very first video call ever. I did it out of pure lust. I met this guy on_157 (@stlswingers) (19.08.2022).mp4 - 95.75 MB
Erika Swingz - Previously released as a PPV, this is my playing in my husband's office and ending up havi_309 (@stlswingers) (07.11.2022).mp4 - 971.01 MB
Erika Swingz - If you missed this on Christmas Eve, you definitely shouldn't have We were streaming here_243 (@stlswingers) (16.01.2023).mp4 - 5056.94 MB
Erika Swingz - Stuffing both my holes with toys while I wait for hubby to heal up_55 (@stlswingers) (28.09.2019).mp4 - 294.44 MB
Erika Swingz - I was a bad girl and needed a spanking. ) Seriously, when will this quarantine end so I g_16 (@stlswingers) (21.04.2020).mp4 - 173.83 MB
Erika Swingz - How about some flashing to go with these vibrating panties Now i'm caught up from my miss_11 (@stlswingers) (31.10.2019).mp4 - 187.84 MB
Erika Swingz - I wore panties with my sun dress and hubby was NONE TOO PLEASED so I had to take my punish_346 (@stlswingers) (30.06.2021).mp4 - 118.74 MB
Erika Swingz - I let him go in raw Hubby filming This man and his wife were so much fun for us_62 (@stlswingers) (02.05.2020).mp4 - 121.71 MB
Erika Swingz - Hands behind my back, wand on my clit, and made to cum through my pants. This was A HOT vi_30 (@stlswingers) (25.08.2021).mp4 - 478.17 MB
Erika Swingz - Since you all may have missed this one in your DM's a while back, here's me with my new fu_542 (@stlswingers) (30.09.2021).mp4 - 176.11 MB
Erika Swingz - I look pretty damn sexy in red if I say so myself This long clear dildo is another favori_959 (@stlswingers) (31.12.2022).mp4 - 170.87 MB
Erika Swingz - I started off with a small butt plug, but quickly moved up to a big one. Hubby stuffed me_73 (@stlswingers) (25.05.2022).mp4 - 710.86 MB
Erika Swingz - This is by far the hottest vid set (IMO) that I have ever done. The sex was fantastic Her_97 (@stlswingers) (19.12.2018).mp4 - 116.92 MB
Erika Swingz - Anal beads anyone_145 (@stlswingers) (01.10.2020).mp4 - 120.57 MB
Erika Swingz - Whooo A little late posting tonight, but I was having WAY TOO MUCH FUN Hump day is in th_98 (@stlswingers) (24.06.2021).mp4 - 1716.55 MB
Erika Swingz - I took a gig cleaning houses for some extra cash. When my awesome client got home, he look_46 (@stlswingers) (06.05.2021).mp4 - 216.35 MB
Erika Swingz - BE SURE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS, THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST Ok guys, it's Saturday and t_97 (@stlswingers) (26.11.2022).mp4 - 343.34 MB
Erika Swingz - Got some cum )_34 (@stlswingers) (13.01.2023).mp4 - 105.8 MB
Erika Swingz - After bragging about that jacuzzi tub being in the middle of the room, it came right back_72 (@stlswingers) (23.04.2021).mp4 - 114.87 MB
Erika Swingz - After that lap dance, I was dying to get his cock into my mouth. Sucking cock is one of my_39 (@stlswingers) (10.06.2022).mp4 - 421.79 MB
Erika Swingz - _49 (@stlswingers) (13.02.2021).mp4 - 307.85 MB
Erika Swingz - Had a super intense makeout session with @treedancer before we got REALLY dirty ) You wan_32 (@stlswingers) (02.08.2021).mp4 - 127.02 MB
Erika Swingz - I got so turned on taking those photos in front of the window that I had to get myself off_134 (@stlswingers) (07.04.2021).mp4 - 202.27 MB
Erika Swingz - Since it did take so long, enjoy part of as well_475 (@stlswingers) (08.12.2018).mp4 - 229.28 MB
Erika Swingz - Maybe I should try guys soon_016 (@stlswingers) (24.12.2020).mp4 - 100.09 MB
Erika Swingz - Remember when this video was PPV It was late at night on a weekday and I wanted men. Th_068 (@stlswingers) (08.03.2023).mp4 - 1077.06 MB
Erika Swingz - Me and hubby had to show @gingersavage exactly how to use the Sybian )_502 (@stlswingers) (13.06.2022).mp4 - 535.28 MB
Erika Swingz - Modeling some outfits I'll be wearing at the theme nights at Temptations Resort in Mexico_18 (@stlswingers) (25.01.2022).mp4 - 423.35 MB
Erika Swingz - Playing with a new toy a fan bought for me. And then a NAKED CREAMPIE HANDSTAND LOL_274 (@stlswingers) (11.01.2020).mp4 - 224.78 MB
Erika Swingz - Since you guys liked the blindfold video so much, I decided to upload this one where I was_847 (@stlswingers) (01.03.2023).mp4 - 471.52 MB
Erika Swingz - Greeted hubby with a blowjob tonight. ) After the first of the year, I hope to meet a cou_26 (@stlswingers) (10.11.2019).mp4 - 837.09 MB
Erika Swingz - Goofing off and deciding what we are making for my very fun friend that has fucked me, but_08 (@stlswingers) (23.05.2022).mp4 - 214.51 MB
Erika Swingz - I got dared to fuck myself in a dressing room. I hope you enjoy )_02 (@stlswingers) (18.07.2022).mp4 - 246.27 MB
Erika Swingz - Lots of you were asking how I look so good just weeks after having my nd baby Well, t_837 (@stlswingers) (28.04.2021).mp4 - 87.44 MB
Erika Swingz - We had a wet t shirt contest, but we want YOU to be the judge. I mean, I did naked cartwhe_24 (@stlswingers) (29.07.2022).mp4 - 286.04 MB
Erika Swingz - _30 (@stlswingers) (20.11.2022).mp4 - 208.28 MB
Erika Swingz - This one was originally just for private snapchat, but it's so good that you guys needed t_573 (@stlswingers) (16.06.2021).mp4 - 116.86 MB
Erika Swingz - How freakin' erotic is this @sirensong is SOOOO SEXY_371 (@stlswingers) (04.05.2022).mp4 - 132.37 MB
Erika Swingz - I set up a personal in home massage through a local agency. Thought I had time before they_879 (@stlswingers) (21.03.2020).mp4 - 69.62 MB
Erika Swingz - This is a clip from my FIRST EVER MFM threesome ) Met this guy on Craigslist and asked hi_962 (@stlswingers) (24.11.2020).mp4 - 100.62 MB
Erika Swingz - Can't wait to try some new toys people got me off my Amazon wishlist_537 (@stlswingers) (19.12.2020).mp4 - 94.3 MB
Erika Swingz - Here's a clip from when my favorite fuck buddy came to visit me Hubby let us play so that_249 (@stlswingers) (07.05.2020).mp4 - 90.64 MB
Erika Swingz - Unfortunately this is the only one I can post and it's just the boys talking while hubby f_460 (@stlswingers) (30.12.2018).mp4 - 115.24 MB
Erika Swingz - Sooo many hands on me @STLswingerHubby and @lolaluv get their hands all over me in this_87 (@stlswingers) (11.02.2022).mp4 - 297.44 MB
Erika Swingz - Blindfolded and wasn't told who was coming over. ) Was a ton of fun These are my favorit_26 (@stlswingers) (01.08.2020).mp4 - 124.6 MB
Erika Swingz - @seemorebnoir showed up at my house this weekend I had previously never met her, but she_84 (@stlswingers) (22.02.2022).mp4 - 734.19 MB
Erika Swingz - Didn't have time to record anything new that last days so enjoy a clip from my Chaturbat_693 (@stlswingers) (15.10.2019).mp4 - 527.93 MB
Erika Swingz - Went to a friend's house and had some vibrating panties on You think it stopped me from h_196 (@stlswingers) (14.01.2023).mp4 - 644.33 MB
Erika Swingz - Went to a swinger party and this guy had a Tremor there. It's kind of like the Sybian, but_50 (@stlswingers) (09.08.2021).mp4 - 326.79 MB
Erika Swingz - I love having my pussy eaten. ) Can I get you all in a line_167 (@stlswingers) (28.05.2021).mp4 - 207.88 MB
Erika Swingz - Ladies, this is the proper way to give a blowjob. Trust me, I'm very well practiced LOL_91 (@stlswingers) (21.09.2021).mp4 - 190.2 MB
Erika Swingz - This stranger wastes NO TIME going straight to my pussy while hubby takes over my mouth, b_03 (@stlswingers) (15.11.2021).mp4 - 227.97 MB
Erika Swingz - This was from my private snapchat story. The guy you watched in the video yesterday, but t_94 (@stlswingers) (22.10.2022).mp4 - 245.74 MB
Erika Swingz - Hubby gets his cock sucked by @kennedymarksen and @billynmila while I suck the other two g_46 (@stlswingers) (22.09.2022).mp4 - 179.7 MB
Erika Swingz - I set up a camera while my husband was taking a nap after we got back from our float trip_75 (@stlswingers) (30.08.2021).mp4 - 508.48 MB
Erika Swingz - Dreaming about fucking my hubby's friend and talking about it. No video, just sound._758 (@stlswingers) (22.03.2023).mp4 - 188.71 MB
Erika Swingz - Had a LOT of you say this video wouldn't load for you, so I changed the format and am post_853 (@stlswingers) (18.09.2022).mp4 - 503.71 MB
Erika Swingz - So many hands @STLswingerHubby and @lolaluv get their hands all over my neck and back f_725 (@stlswingers) (09.02.2022).mp4 - 215.5 MB
Erika Swingz - This is a short clip of the FIRST guy that walked in the room for my on train. The ord_283 (@stlswingers) (04.04.2022).mp4 - 245.57 MB
Erika Swingz - Well, date night was Sunday night for a change this week, but I thought you guys might be_614 (@stlswingers) (19.04.2021).mp4 - 91.69 MB
Erika Swingz - I think I messed up posting the video the first time so trying again Here's your first ta_924 (@stlswingers) (15.11.2021).mp4 - 227.97 MB
Erika Swingz - A couple of life like sex dolls needed inspection before going out to those on the nice li_19 (@stlswingers) (21.12.2022).mp4 - 220.13 MB
Erika Swingz - Can any of you match these sizes I don't really care about cock length. Anything or mo_416 (@stlswingers) (11.03.2022).mp4 - 323.78 MB
Erika Swingz - Speaking of fucking me, have you seen @seemorebnoir and myself doing a fun and sloppy_40 (@stlswingers) (28.03.2022).mp4 - 278.17 MB
Erika Swingz - I wanted to get fucked, but not know who until they got here. I was NOT disappointed. Took_60 (@stlswingers) (17.03.2023).mp4 - 119.69 MB
Erika Swingz - I enjoyed both strangers so much that I let each of them get a nd round. I sucked one, to_66 (@stlswingers) (11.06.2021).mp4 - 141.82 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok so this one is from a year or ago, but this was a gift from a fan He bought it off m_43 (@stlswingers) (04.02.2021).mp4 - 179.03 MB
Erika Swingz - Part . There are parts. This got waaaay out of control_59 (@stlswingers) (02.04.2020).mp4 - 99.94 MB
Erika Swingz - I had to take care of a friend while I arranged for his GF to get fucked by men off scre_559 (@stlswingers) (27.08.2021).mp4 - 450.81 MB
Erika Swingz - Did you all think I didn't get it on video Of course I had to get it all on video to shar_070 (@stlswingers) (01.07.2022).mp4 - 174.53 MB
Erika Swingz - It's Monday night which means a new video for you all_53 (@stlswingers) (03.11.2020).mp4 - 140.76 MB
Erika Swingz - @TreeDancer tasted so damn good I can't wait to get her back here and fuck her silly with_06 (@stlswingers) (04.08.2021).mp4 - 208.22 MB
Erika Swingz - The FULL Vegas way. We were all having fun out by the pool and I just walked up and asked_980 (@stlswingers) (05.11.2022).mp4 - 1654.17 MB
Erika Swingz - My favorite fuck buddy is moving across the country so I had to invite him over one last t_850 (@stlswingers) (05.12.2018).mp4 - 198.21 MB
Erika Swingz - Since you all may have missed this one in your DM's a while back, here's me with my new fu_00 (@stlswingers) (30.09.2021).mp4 - 324.66 MB
Erika Swingz - Hubby flipped me over this morning in my sleep and busted all over my ass. Said he was dre_877 (@stlswingers) (07.01.2023).mp4 - 182.08 MB
Erika Swingz - The new client I've been cleaning for is WILD Ever since I gave him a blowjob as a ONE TI_522 (@stlswingers) (07.05.2021).mp4 - 165.12 MB
Erika Swingz - You guys liked watching me ride this guy a lot so I got up on the bar chair and REALLY got_118 (@stlswingers) (09.12.2021).mp4 - 151.31 MB
Erika Swingz - Last season I ran a fantasy football contest where the winner got to fuck me This is part_394 (@stlswingers) (27.06.2020).mp4 - 391.43 MB
Erika Swingz - I was so horny and felt like giving Drew a handjob so I told him to lay down. I had a new_10 (@stlswingers) (05.12.2022).mp4 - 173.58 MB
Erika Swingz - _59 (@stlswingers) (26.09.2020).mp4 - 72.2 MB
Erika Swingz - Getting fucked from behind with my panties pulled to the side. Got some hot cum on my ass._08 (@stlswingers) (10.10.2019).mp4 - 413.17 MB
Erika Swingz - My husband and I spanked the crap out of @gingersavage until the red marks left the word_925 (@stlswingers) (24.06.2022).mp4 - 289.74 MB
Erika Swingz - Husband always fucks first before passing me off )_79 (@stlswingers) (24.01.2021).mp4 - 182.4 MB
Erika Swingz - I got a request for a video of my pussy being eaten. Truth be told, I'm usually so eager t_31 (@stlswingers) (28.11.2022).mp4 - 436.16 MB
Erika Swingz - Enjoy a nice little blowjob and some cum on my titties This quarantine has GOT TO END so_66 (@stlswingers) (07.04.2020).mp4 - 299.09 MB
Erika Swingz - I got a lot of questions about the virgin friend. Well, this should answer....._43 (@stlswingers) (24.03.2023).mp4 - 229.43 MB
Erika Swingz - Got a TON of new bikinis and wanted to try on the tops for you Should I show off the bott_43 (@stlswingers) (06.07.2021).mp4 - 132.01 MB
Erika Swingz - Slowly pulling out his fat cock and was pleasantly surprised I had to take him in my mout_69 (@stlswingers) (20.04.2022).mp4 - 176.8 MB
Erika Swingz - I tried to gape my pussy for hubby to cum inside. I didn't get to gape too wide, but he fi_23 (@stlswingers) (14.01.2022).mp4 - 549.62 MB
Erika Swingz - Fiiiiiiine, I'll post the full FORMERLY PPV video now. You guys are BLOWING UP my DM's_343 (@stlswingers) (12.11.2022).mp4 - 517.29 MB
Erika Swingz - There's just something about being in a little black dress that makes you want a big fat c_44 (@stlswingers) (09.12.2022).mp4 - 653.06 MB
Erika Swingz - Roleplaying as a cutesy maid. Would you guys follow me around the house and make sure I di_16 (@stlswingers) (03.05.2021).mp4 - 187.27 MB
Erika Swingz - I got to be her first girl ever I was so happy to eat her pussy. She was soft and tastes_641 (@stlswingers) (06.01.2022).mp4 - 181.52 MB
Erika Swingz - Got fucked while riding the Sybian at the same time. I was in stimulation overload_54 (@stlswingers) (31.03.2023).mp4 - 302.96 MB
Erika Swingz - Ever since I got fixed, CREAMPIES have been mandatory Nothing better than getting than fu_52 (@stlswingers) (05.10.2022).mp4 - 317.19 MB
Erika Swingz - This naughty elf got a fat load deep down her throat last night )_368 (@stlswingers) (20.12.2021).mp4 - 323.39 MB
Erika Swingz - Our first night at NSW we ran into @hotwifetessa and she asked me up to the bedroom S_408 (@stlswingers) (05.08.2022).mp4 - 535.07 MB
Erika Swingz - A little Chaturbate fun BTW, check my Twitter Snapchat account for details on a fun NCAA_808 (@stlswingers) (09.01.2021).mp4 - 200.56 MB
Erika Swingz - This was a bit of a wild one. I had someone order this custom where I did a burpee challen_365 (@stlswingers) (15.04.2022).mp4 - 275.08 MB
Erika Swingz - I got videos of me sucking off this random guy from Reddit This one is from a singular_29 (@stlswingers) (21.10.2022).mp4 - 334.68 MB
Erika Swingz - Holy cow it was hard to keep it together during this. By the way, I have an app that could_185 (@stlswingers) (31.10.2019).mp4 - 196.12 MB
Erika Swingz - I was laying out on the bed, strapped down and blindfolded, waiting in anticipation. I kne_847 (@stlswingers) (28.02.2023).mp4 - 1318.3 MB
Erika Swingz - Full recap of a live show I did on another site a few years ago I LOVE the way we used to_50 (@stlswingers) (15.10.2022).mp4 - 2881.25 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm dead serious....I met this guy playing online video games and he was local, so I invit_314 (@stlswingers) (29.04.2023).mp4 - 967.78 MB
Erika Swingz - I LOVE making people cum for me. It's one of the most satisfying feelings in the world_86 (@stlswingers) (26.03.2020).mp4 - 181.67 MB
Erika Swingz - Hope you like this one_26 (@stlswingers) (19.01.2021).mp4 - 306.15 MB
Erika Swingz - After the boat, he took us back to his place and they took turns fucking me. Here's part o_026 (@stlswingers) (23.01.2019).mp4 - 159.4 MB
Erika Swingz - _91 (@stlswingers) (12.09.2020).mp4 - 74.53 MB
Erika Swingz - God damn I needed this._285 (@stlswingers) (19.12.2019).mp4 - 383.22 MB
Erika Swingz - Just a little story about my FAVORITE sexual encounter EVER_51 (@stlswingers) (26.07.2021).mp4 - 122.16 MB
Erika Swingz - A super awesome fan went to my Amazon wishlist and got me a TON of stuff and asked me to m_94 (@stlswingers) (31.05.2022).mp4 - 862.45 MB
Erika Swingz - This guy FUCKS_677 (@stlswingers) (27.03.2023).mp4 - 232.26 MB
Erika Swingz - Getting finger fucked is by far one of the best ways to get fucked. Add in a vibrator for_17 (@stlswingers) (07.11.2019).mp4 - 802.93 MB
Erika Swingz - I did a little Skype tease for one of hubby's gaming buddies. He was a virgin and had neve_738 (@stlswingers) (18.03.2021).mp4 - 95.75 MB
Erika Swingz - _62 (@stlswingers) (24.11.2018).mp4 - 119.18 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok, how about one more dancing video I have some SPECIAL videos for you guys this weekend_378 (@stlswingers) (12.01.2022).mp4 - 124.93 MB
Erika Swingz - Omg, please ignore the bruises on my legs. We did a little BDSM session for fun on the new_658 (@stlswingers) (04.06.2021).mp4 - 106.08 MB
Erika Swingz - Playing with anal beads.... Might try out a butt plug I got really soon. But it's freakin'_02 (@stlswingers) (05.05.2020).mp4 - 120.55 MB
Erika Swingz - You all keep begging to see me squirt and it's always been on PPV so I decided there shoul_00 (@stlswingers) (01.10.2021).mp4 - 334.22 MB
Erika Swingz - It's been a minute since I've had any cock on here Took this one in my mouth and swallowe_416 (@stlswingers) (16.04.2021).mp4 - 163.53 MB
Erika Swingz - Wanna hear about my first time with another girl I was so wet and so scared_117 (@stlswingers) (30.07.2021).mp4 - 175.48 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of my first MFM_827 (@stlswingers) (14.01.2019).mp4 - 58.16 MB
Erika Swingz - Who still likes a good old fashioned strip tease Don't forget, you can tip for a download_86 (@stlswingers) (12.07.2021).mp4 - 114.07 MB
Erika Swingz - Unboxing my new toy that one of YOU bought for me_477 (@stlswingers) (19.03.2019).mp4 - 61.21 MB
Erika Swingz - Here is the real deal My first ever Sybian ride to orgasm_98 (@stlswingers) (22.03.2019).mp4 - 119.71 MB
Erika Swingz - Ok so this one is a throwback to before me and my hubby ever got involved in swinging and_05 (@stlswingers) (14.06.2021).mp4 - 233.96 MB
Erika Swingz - So I thought I was done fucking the tape guy because he came, but apparently he's totally_735 (@stlswingers) (29.08.2022).mp4 - 590 MB
Erika Swingz - Part of of my first MFM Coming tomorrow, the full video of the whole thing from a set_79 (@stlswingers) (14.01.2019).mp4 - 141.77 MB
Erika Swingz - We were supposed to be making toys, but we started using each other as toys instead with_21 (@stlswingers) (19.12.2022).mp4 - 264.27 MB
Erika Swingz - _88 (@stlswingers) (17.10.2019).mp4 - 427.27 MB
Erika Swingz - @lolaluv is soft, sweet, sexy, and tastes soooooo damn good. Her top lips are nice, but_87 (@stlswingers) (03.01.2022).mp4 - 151.69 MB
Erika Swingz - I was commissioned a twerk video, but I had so much fun I had to share it I hope the buye_824 (@stlswingers) (10.01.2022).mp4 - 146.98 MB
Erika Swingz - @crzredhead was so aggressive I kind of liked it. I was soaking through my shorts by the_006 (@stlswingers) (19.07.2021).mp4 - 154.27 MB
Erika Swingz - This one was also a PPV from before I met this guy on League of Legends and played severa_22 (@stlswingers) (09.11.2022).mp4 - 95.75 MB
Erika Swingz - I'm super into high heels, but I only have like different pair. I really need some white_72 (@stlswingers) (02.12.2021).mp4 - 318.15 MB
Erika Swingz - This year old Mexican man slides off my shorts to reveal I'm not wearing panties and th_16 (@stlswingers) (19.04.2022).mp4 - 246.91 MB
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